The study of how genes can be switched on and off (a.k.a. gene expression) by environment factors, lifestyle choices, and behaviors. 

The study of Epigenetics has shed light on topics such as: 

  • Why identical twins are not identical

  • Why the nutrients we consume can:
    Activate or silence potentially disease causing genes
    Impact the genes of the developing fetus and his or her offspring
    Affect production of BDNF (exercise, fasting, omega 3, curcumin, meditation)
    Increase or decrease inflammation
  • Why lifestyle choices affect our risks for different illnesses
  • “Why your experiences leave marks on your DNA (and your kids DNA too)”



Episode: "Epigenetics and Lifestyle Medicine - In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John explore the importance of epigenetics and how many aspects of lifestyle are known to alter gene expression. It’s a powerful transformation of our understanding of how our genes are influenced by our environment."


Former Princton Univeristy President and Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs Shirley Tilghman, recently presented "The Wild and Wacky World of Epigenetics" as part of the weekly Science on Saturday lecture series a the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab - click here to watch this fascinating lecture. 


"Traces of the Past - Your Experiences Leave Marks on Your DNA (and on Your Kids’ DNA Too)" - Check out this interesting article on the topic of Epigenetics in Genome Magazine.