Dr. Janine Pardo is a Board Certified Internist, Primary Care Physician, Preventive Care and Wellness Expert practicing in Weston, Massachusetts.  She is the Medical Director of Steward Medical Group - Weston Internal Medicine and Wellness Center, and a team physician for the Boston Ballet, the Boston Breakers women's professional soccer team, and the Boston Cannons professional men's lacrosse team.  

Dr. Pardo believes that Primary Care should not simply be focused on treating illnesses, but instead should be centered on helping patients to thrive.  She takes a comprehensive approach to healthcare, focusing on the total mental and physical well-being of each patient.  She believes in proactive primary care that targets optimal health by addressing the root causes of patients’ issues and preventing problems before they start - not just suppressing symptoms.  Her work focuses on creating highly customized prevention and treatment plans with heavy emphasis on lifestyle interventions based on each individual’s unique characteristics, personal history, and family background. She empowers her patients to explore and understand their current health and future risks by partnering with them in the process.  

Dr. Pardo fuses high caliber education and traditional American medical training with a progressive Mind-Body / Functional approach to practice precision medicine of exceptional quality.  She uses this approach to help patients prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Dr. Pardo enjoys working with motivated patients age 18-75 who are interested in restoring or optimizing their health and improving their self-care.




At Weston Internal Medicine and Wellness Center, our mission is to change the world one person at a time by helping to empower each of our patients to live their healthiest possible life.

Our practice philosophy is to take a more comprehensive approach to patient care, providing the services and resources each individual needs to thrive.  Dr. Pardo partners with several local health experts in Nutrition, Psychology, Sports Medicine / Physiatry, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Medical Massage, and Wellness Coaching to offer enhanced services for her patients.   

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